Transmission Service in Tacoma, WA

If you’re in the need of Honda transmission service in Tacoma, WA, then South Tacoma Honda Is the place for you. Whether you are needing a simple maintenance checkup, a repair, or a an entire replacement, we can help you out.

Technical Aspects

Transmissions are one of the most complicated and crucial components of the modern car. To understand why it is so important to get it maintained and why it can be at time somewhat costly, you must understand its function. The transmission at its most basic level adjusts the gear ratios between the engine and the wheels.

Actual Function

What this actually does functionally is it adjusts the ratio of power to torque, this in turn adjusts the energy used at a certain speed versus energy expended. If you’re already lost, put simply, it makes it so that your car only uses as much energy (fuel) as needed to maintain a certain speed.

Take Care of Your Transmission

Without it cars fuel efficiency would vary wildly depending on the slightest change in driving habit or people in the car. Understanding that, it is important to keep it maintained and well cared for and repaired as soon as possible. So, stop by South Tacoma Honda today to get your transmission taken care of today!

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