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The Car Shopping Experience (From Home): Digital Retailing Resources, Ready for You at South Tacoma Honda

There is a lot to take away from your time spent with our team here in the showroom at South Tacoma Honda. And while we do recommend setting aside some free moments to stop by and meet with us to review new Honda models, financing and service, we understand that not every shopper can make their schedule work with this commitment.

With this said, we are happy to introduce our digital retailing tools available to work with today. These resources, accessible from the comfort of home or where you work, include: Structure My Deal, Value your Trade-In, Personalize Your Payments, Pre-Qualify for Credit, Apply for Credit and Reserve Model. Save time when shopping for your next automotive investment by taking care of many important dealership steps on your free time!

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Personalize Payment

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How Does Digital Retailing Work?

Structure My Deal

Craft a lease and financing plan for a new Honda model or pre-owned vehicle that you are comfortable with, setting the stage for future work with our financing experts. This saves time in the long run, while cutting down on the paperwork you'll have to fill out in person.

Value Your Trade-In

Receive an instant estimate on the current vehicle that you own, seeing how much it could roughly be worth at our dealership when deciding to trade in. This number will be one that our team can work off with you for the official transaction.

Personalize your Payments

Want to get an idea of what you'll pay monthly with the background numbers accounted for? This personalize your payment digital tool allows you to submit inputs and arrive at this determination.


Regardless of where you're approaching vehicle financing from, there is a digital option for you. Pre-qualify for credit or move directly to a financing application, submitting these details to our finance team without having to run through them in person.

Reserve your Model

You've reached that moment where you're ready to commit to a specific vehicle and a group of options, but don't delay! Place a deposit down and reserve your vehicle before another shopper does.

Ready to get started on shopping for your next new Honda model from home? Explore our digital retailing tools today to save time in the process while accommodating your busy schedule. Also be sure to give us a call with any questions!



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