What to do after you have received a lease-end mailing

If you have received a lease-end document about your current Honda lease, it probably means that your time with your car is almost up. Before proceeding to buy or return the automobile, consider the following.
  • Check for the actual market value of the automobile
  • Assess your contract for the buyout price.
If the market value of the car is higher than the buyout figure in your lease contract, then this means that you can purchase the vehicle comfortably. Alternatively, you can choose to sell it to a friend or a neighbor who has been eyeing it and make a small profit. Be sure to consult on this engagement to best deal with the complexities.

If you do not want to consider any of the options above, then you could turn in the car to the dealership. However, we would prefer you drove away with a new vehicle. Give us a call today for more information about car leases.
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