Traveling with Food is Easier with Planning

Traveling to a family gathering or a holiday potluck dinner can be challenging. Keeping the food inside of its dish and off of your car's interior doesn't mean you have to drive five mph though, just have a food transport plan. The South Tacoma Honda sales team wants to help you with your holiday food transportation prep!

If you have a crockpot, wrap plastic wrap between the food and the lid, and then also wrap the plastic over the lid. Doing this will keep the contents of your dish contained. Some crockpots have a convenient locking lid. If you are transporting your food in casserole dishes, the wrapping process is a little different. Wrap foil from the bottom of the dish to the top so that spills don't land on the interior of your vehicle. Having file-size rubber bands are also handy. They will fit around everything, from disposable metal pans with plastic lids to large casserole dishes, and will keep containers closed.

It's also helpful to lay down towels or a rubber no-slip pad for easy cleanup, just in case. If you want to arrive in style to your family’s holiday festivities, stop by South Tacoma Honda in Tacoma, WA today for a test drive.

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