You Must Have Sufficient Tire Tread

Every vehicle has wheels. Even outdated horse carriages, chariots, and other modes of transportation have wheels. Without them, driving would be far more difficult, and not nearly as safe.

Not everybody knows when it’s time to get new tires, unfortunately. You can pull a quarter or penny out of your pocket or change jar to test tread length. For both tests, you stick the coin head-down into the tread’s recessions. If you can see either figure’s head, your tread is less than 4/32 inches and 2/32 inches in length, respectively.

The former indicates worn tires, which are dangerous to drive. The latter suggests your tires make it dangerous to drive and they need to be changed immediately.

Let our team here at South Tacoma Honda experts change your tires before it’s too late. Trust the professional team at our shop to care for you and your vehicle.

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