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Safe Driving Tips That Never Go Out of Style

Regardless of how technology changes, and how enhanced cars become, there are some safety tips you should know. Safe driving may change slightly, but there are some tips that haven't changed, that are advisable to practice.

Don't Touch Your Phone While Driving

Don't use your phone when you're driving. If there is an emergency phone that you must take, it is recommended to go with a hand's free option. Even if you use a GPS element, do not touch or handle your phone...

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Get Ready for an Unforeseen Scenario

You never know you will have an unforeseen roadside emergency, but you can get prepared. If you have a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle, then when those situations occur, you will be able to deal with it effectively. You should consider some key items when building your roadside emergency kit. So, if you don't already have a kit, it may be time to start getting one together and keep it in your vehicle for precaution. It doesn't have to be fancy; a duffel bag will do, but you do need a few important things...

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Easy Brake Inspection Idea

Most people do not think about their brakes very much. There is no reason to think about them. We are so familiar with our brakes that they slip our minds. Brakes are hidden and we do not see them. We press the pedal and the brakes work like magic. It never fails, right?

If it does, you and other drivers are in danger. It does happen, but there is a way to make that never happen. Do regular brake inspections. When you rotate your tires, inspect your brakes. When you change your oil, inspect your brakes.

Check your owner's…
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Know Which Oil Is Best Suited For Your Vehicle

One important question that we hear constantly is the type of oil that is required for a vehicle. You as a car owner generally have a few choices, which include synthetic or conventional oil. If you have a newer model car, go with the synthetic or you risk damaging your vehicle. The fact is that most cars today, use the synthetic oil. Conventional oils might damage a car's engine and break the manufacturer's warranty. We suggest that you consult with our service team here at South Tacoma Honda for more details about oil selection and your vehicle.


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Start the new year right with a new or pre-owned Honda

The new year has arrived and we're anticipating lots of adventures and memories here at South Tacoma Honda. What kinds of thrills are you planning for the upcoming year? We're sure you've got some exciting stuff in the works, so why not take it up a notch by including a new or pre-owned Honda from our dealership in all the fun?

We've got it all on our showroom floor - both new and pre-owned models as well as seda

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Service your vehicle regularly for a longer lifespan

No one wants to be left out in the cold, especially when it's involving car troubles. That's why servicing and maintaining your vehicle is so important. You'll not only keep your vehicle the best shape possible but you'll also decrease your chance of running into any problems during your travels.

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